Wilderness, Arctic, and Adirondack landscape photographer Johnathan A. Esper welcomes you to Wildernesscapes Photography, a portfolio of exploration of the wondrous sights awaiting discovery in the wilderness. Johnathan Esper is a full time photographer and international photography workshop leader focusing on the Adirondack Park, wilderness and arctic landscapes, wilderness adventure photography, and mountain photography, and invites you to share his passion for the unique beauty found in the wild places of our diverse planet. Explore the photo galleries, order and be inspired by photographic prints of the Adirondacks, read about Johnathan's wilderness adventures, attend an Adirondack photography workshop to improve your photo skills, sign up for an adventurous photography workshop to Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, or Norway, contact us about image use and licensing requests, and more on this photography website of Johnathan A. Esper.