Adirondacks Winter White High Peaks:

January 26-28, 2024, Lake Placid.

Snowdate: If lack of wintery feel and good snow conditions, we'll reschedule this workshop to the following weekend, February 2-4, 2024

Status: open for bookings
Difficulty: from roadside spots and up to 2 mile each-way medium-difficulty steep/snowy hikes. Please bring snowshoes and microspikes with you for this trip.

Adirondack Mountains are beautiful in their white coats of winter. The crispness and low humidity of the air allow for excellent long-distance vistas of the rolling mountainous terrain. Stream boulders are covered with pillowing mounds of snow and intricate icy details. The forest trees after a new snowfall and the sun coming out display wonderful mix of blue and white colors. And perhaps the best of all, the High Peaks in the winter season proudly stand out with their white topped summits and are most photogenic and impressive in winter. With low angle sun, the snowy tops can turn a shade of purple called alpenglow, as the yellow sun mixes with the blues of snow and creates wonderful purples. So winter is a beautiful time of year to photograph. Lake Placid is centrally located in the High Peaks Range and the location of many of our workshops over the years, provides these excellent winter mountain vistas to photograph among. Our plan for the weekend is to photograph a mix of landscapes and scenes, including snowy and icy rivers and waterfalls, lakeshore and field scenes with mountain backdrops, and also do a couple winter hikes up small mountains for winter vistas. We'll also spend a couple in one indoor edit and critique session based out of the guide's own home office. This 3 day Adirondack photo workshop will start at 1:00pm Friday January 26th and conclude midday on Sunday January 28th, 2024. A snow date weekend of February 2-4 will serve as backup if during the week preceding this even, the workshop leader determines there is a lack of photogenic snowy conditions in the Adirondacks, as we don't want to waste your time and money on less than optimal conditions. Overnight accommodations are booked on your own, wherever you choose around the Lake Placid area. Meetup 'rally points' around the roads leading out of Lake Placid will be communicated prior, and will serve as meeting and stages areas where we'll convene to go out on the all the various outings during the weekend. You must have your own car for this outing. Note: Due to Covid, all meals will be on your own, unless some in the group want to eat together an occasional meal.Sign up: When you are ready to sign up, please make a deposit payment of $100, including your details, on this website's generic payment page. Or if you have any additional questions, Johnathan would be happy to speak with you; please use the contact page.