Schroon Lake and Eastern Adirondacks in Spring, co-lead with Chris Murray

May 18-21, 2023 , North Hudson. $600 (tuition only).

Status: confirmed to go, with just 2 spaces left out of 8.

Difficulty: several 20-30 minute each way woods hikes, optional small mountain hike also.

Details: Workshop begins Thursday May 18th at 3:00 pm and ends Sunday May 21st at noon in the tiny town of North Hudson, NY. Overnight base location will be Blue Ridge Motel in North Hudson. We have already blocked some rooms for all participants; please contact us before making any bookings. And of course, first day meetup details will be communicated to all participants before. To register, please make a 50% deposit payment of $300, including your details, on this website's generic payment page. Or if you have any additional questions, Johnathan would be happy to speak with you; please use the contact page.

Springtime in the Adirondacks is a wonderful season, with the vibrant, fresh lime green colors of new spring foliage. Abundant wildflowers including trout lilies and trilliums dot the forest floors and spring snowmelt from the mountains overflow streams, creating compelling creek compositions of rushing spring waters, mossy rocks, and swirling foam. These are the scenes we plan to photograph, unique to the freshness of springtime, including Blue Ridge Falls along the The Branch River, cascades on the Schroon River, and many more streams and ponds in the region. The fresh, saturated lime green color of new foliage growth lasts for about 2 weeks, and along with rushing springtime rivers and streams, fiddlehead ferns, and forest wildflowers, all contribute to excellent stream and forest photography. We will tailor our specific shooting locations to match and compliment the day’s weather, whether that's more intimate forest and stream scenes on a wet, rainy day or grand vistas for a spectacular sunrise or sunset on a clearer day.

This photo workshop focuses on in-the-field photography and situational instruction working alongside your leaders, and as weather, light, and time allow, we'll balance this with indoor presentations or editing sessions to supplement what we're practicing in the field. Some photographic locations will necessitate moderate hiking on trails as hiking is an integral part of capturing the Adirondack landscape. A not-too-large group size of photographers ensures you will receive ample personal photographic coaching in the field and maximize the group’s flexibility and ability to shoot more places and more spontaneously based on light and weather.

This workshop is led by two of the Adirondack’s most well known landscape photographers. Chris Murray is a professional photographic artist, instructor, and speaker who works extensively in the Adirondacks. Johnathan Esper is a lifelong Adirondack native and professional landscape photographer. He has an intimate knowledge of the Adirondacks from growing up in them and exploring the region through hiking and photography. He is frequently published by the region's publications including Adirondack Life magazine. Besides Adirondack photography, Johnathan leads international photography trips around the Arctic countries, and owns two vacation rental homes in the Adirondacks.