Photography Workshops & Photo Tours: Iceland Autumn Circumnavigation September 2017

Dates:  September 8-20, 2017 (12 full days, 12 nights)   

Price:  $4440 USD or € or ISK equivalent

Availability: SOLD OUT

Iceland Autumn Color Cicumnavigation from North to the southern Highlands: Photographing the Autumn foliage among lava fields of the Reykjanes Peninsula and Myvtan geothermal areas, autumn snowfalls of the Highlands region, the fall equinox aurora borealis, and the annual Icelandic sheep roundups.

This in-depth photo tour around Iceland is meant for enthusiastic outdoor photographers who desire to see and photograph Iceland's autumn color, nuances, and cultural mainstays of the fall season. Highlights of the fall season in Iceland include the colorful birch scrub bushes among the starkly contrasting black lava flows of the Myvatn region, autumn color among lush green mossy lava fields, dustings of snow on the peaks in the Highlands region (which is all but deserted at this time of year), and the strong probability of seeing the aurora borealis in the night sky. Low-angle sun at the northern latitudes we'll visit allows us to capture extended magic light periods. We'll also photograph a plethora of other scenic and rural destinations including country churches, waterfalls, farms, and horses. Autumn is simply a magical time of year in Iceland, perhaps the best season all year, with less tourists, accessible highlands, and dark nights.

We begin our tour by rapidly leaving Reykjavik city behind and heading straight to northern Iceland, which has large sheep farming valleys that come alive one weekend each fall during the annual sheep roundup. Perhaps northern Iceland is also the best region in the country for viewing the aurora borealis during the height of fall solstice, which statistically has the most frequently occuring aurora borealis activity. Nothern Iceland's Myvatn region is undoubtedly most beautiful in the fall. We will photograph the famous geothermal areas of Lake Myvatn Godafoss waterfall, as well as the Tröllskagi Peninsula mountains, based in Iceland's second largest town, Akureyri. The Akureyri region is ideal to view the aurora borealis due to its more northerly latitudes perfectly situated under the Auroral Oval region of greatest auroral activity. Connecting from the north to the south of Iceland via the scenic Eastfjords for a day, we photograph the obligatory and epic Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon region for a day. Then to wrapup our loop around Iceland, we'll drive the rough 4x4 Fjallbak route through the Highlands to the famous colorful Landmannalaugar area, staying overnight in the Highlands. We will be based out of fine rural guesthouses and hotels all around Iceland including Akureyri and Myvatn regions, allowing a great itinerary and filling our days and nights with rewarding photography opportunities all around the region.

As a special event, we also will spend up to a full day photographing the autumn sheep roundup in Iceland, giving us up close and personal interaction with Icelanders and their rural way of life. This is all about photojournalistic and candid photography, where the intent changes from capturing beauty shots to telling a story of tradition through your sequence of images. Not only is this a big weekend for doing the actual work in bringing the sheep down from the hillsides for the winter, but it's also a social time for rural Icelandic families to get together -- children and sheepdogs alike look forward all year to the roundup. Photographers will be able to shoot candid portraits of Icelanders and lots of children grabbing sheep (and getting dragged around) in the roundup, the thousands of sheep jostling and leaping in the roundup sort pen. As the stream of 10,000 sheep pour down from the hillsides from summer grazing grounds, opportunities for video and still shots will be plentiful. Additionally, anyone is welcome to jump in the pen to help sort or herd the sheep with everyone else. 

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