Stock Imagery Collections

Stock image licensing
Wildernesscapes Photography content is available as stock photography or stock video, through rights-managed licencing. Pricing is generally less than full-stock industry standards. Many additional stock images of wilderness landcapes and adventure and outdoor lifestyle are on this site that are not visible in the photo galleries. A search field at the bottom of the page provides you targeted keyword-based search of all these images, both visible and hidden. If interested in licenscing any images as stock, please contact Johnathan Esper. At most times, you will recieve a reply within a couple days; however, Wildernesscapes Photography does not have full time office staff, so Johnathan Esper appreciates your understanding and patience, especially if he is out in the wilderness. Email is checked periodically, however, and usually Wildernesscapes Photography is able to upload images to meet requests, even if Johnathan is personally out-of-country for an extended period.