World Highpointing Page

Highpointing is the outdoor sport and adventure of going to or hiking or climbing the highest mountain or point in a certain geographic area.  This section of has several lists of highpoints based on geographic region, that I have completed or am working on currently, featuring photos of United States and world highpoints, and some accompanying essays.  This website is a work in progress, just like highpoint lists.   

Where does one start out in life to get to the point of keeping lists of climbing goals? Personally, I have always loved climbing and being in the woods. I grew up in the beautiful Adirondack Mountians of New York State in a family that loved the outdoorsy, active lifestyle. This heritage has profoundly impacted who I have become, and my own lifestyle choices, to an extent I would probably have denied during my early highschool days! Now, however, I am truly grateful for the unique heritage I have been given by my family.  I started out climbing in the Adirondacks or northern New York State, and became the youngest person to climb all the High Peak in this region in the winter by age 10 with my family. After that, I continued to hike extensively in the Adirondack Mountains, finishing a total of 4 additional (3 in the winter) rounds of the Adirondack 46 High Peaks. Then, wishing to climb other peaks, my dad and I climbed all 116 4,000 foot mountain in New York and New England (the New England 116) in the winter, finishing in 2000. Then as I moved beyond that limited geographic area, I developed several new climbing goals, including the Highpoints of the US, Canada, and Europe. In March 2009 I completed the 50 State Highpoints, and  I continue to hike and climb because I love being in the wilderness, enjoying its beauty and praising its Creator. This is also an integral part of the unique and adventurous person I am.

Mission and description of this website: Johnathan Esper's World Highpointing Page sees itself as a resource of high quality photos of US and international Highpoints. This site also has trip reports, travel instructions and other information on the US and international highpoints that I have attained. This highpointing website aspires to do four things: to serve as a resource of high quality images pertaining to highpoints of the world, to cronicle my own highpointing adventures, to give information to and inspire other highpointers, and finally, to show the beauty of the natural world, which can only have been achieved through the direct intervention of a Designer.