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Looking for some climbing goal beyond the 50 state highpoints, and for something fewer people had done before (it is an exhilerating feeling to be one of the first at something), I decided to give myself the goal of attaining the highest point in each of Canada's provinces and territories. This goal would help me to see more our diverse continent, and enjoy unspoiled wilderness in the artic. Wilderness is something I year for and appreciate more and more; the natural world which is untainted by man gives me excellent photographic opportunities, a feeling of absolute freedom and wild abandon, and perhaps most importantly, a feeling of awe and praise to my Creator God. Below is listed the Canadian highpoints I have attained so far.
Province/Territory Name Height Date visited
Ontario Ishpatina Ridge 693 m (2275 ft) January 2004 Ishpatina Ridge Adventure
Story and Photos
New Brunswick Mount Carleton 820 m (2690 ft) May 21 2005 Pictures of Mount Carleton
Prince Edward Island Unnamed hill 149 m (457 ft) May 24, 30 2005 Pictures of Prince Edward Island's HP
Nova Scotia White Hill 532 m (1747 ft) June 1 2005 Pictures of White Hill