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I got the idea to reach each of the European Highpoints while I was studying abroad in Europe for a semester in a summer study tour called the International Business Institute in 2004. I was staying for 3 weeks in a conference center in the Netherlands, and could not pass up the opportunity to travel to the Benelux's 3 highpoints. I had already climbed Greece's and Andorra's highest mountains in the summer of 2003 during another semester I spent studying abroad, this time in Athens, Greece. I have always enjoyed going to the extreme, or going to the highest point around, so climbing each European highpoint is a natural outgrowth of my love for adventure and action. I also wanted to make a climbing goal for myself that was virtually unthought of before. While I look forward to becoming a US state highpointer, I felt that I needed to do something a little less popular.
Country Mountain Elevation Date climbed (D/M/Y)    
Greece Mt. Olympus 9,570 ft. 08/07/2003  
Andorra Pic de Coma Pedrosa 2946 m, 9665 ft 02/07/2003  
Netherlands Vaalserberg 321 m 17/07/2004 Benelux Highpointing Adventure Story
Belgium Signal De Botrange 694 m 17/07/2004  
Luxembourg Burgplatz 559 m 18/07/2004  
Bulgaria Musala Peak 2925 m 07/08/2004  
Romania Vf. Moldoveanu 2544 m 15/08/2004