Customer and Client Quotes

"As I review my photographs, I am reminded of all the wonderful locations we shot, and although it was exhausting at times for me, I am forever grateful for experiencing Iceland in ways most people never do. Thank you for the encouragement and support you gave me throughout the trip. I think that your expertise in Iceland, its history, its beauty and culture also contributed to making it a wonderful trip.” – Iceland 2016 workshop client


Johnathan Esper leads an amazing trip, gives lots of one on one instruction for those who need it/want it, and you will be on the go the entire time. He knows his territories really well and will get you to all the best places. He is also probably the most reasonably priced tour out there.” – Iceland 2016 workshop client


I absolutely LOVE the photograph!!! Thank you so much! It looks wonderful in our living room and is quite honestly the most beautiful thing I own!” – print customer from Webster, NY


"I am happy to tell you that I won the photography competition with my image of Iceland. This is very exciting for me, especially since it was the first time I entered a photograph in an exhibit. Thank you so much for your guidance, instruction, and inspiration." – Iceland, summer 2016, private workshop client


We are absolutely floored by your new work -- amazing stuff. You certainly managed to get to a lot of areas in the park, which is fantastic! We will definitely be using quite a few of these.” – Photo editor of an Adirondack region magazine


I love the photo. I am furnishing a garage apartment and it has the perfect wall for it. Love so many of your photos.” - Print customer in Keene Valley, Adirondacks


"Johnathan - I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed very much visiting the Adirondack's with you. I appreciate your conscientiousness. You are a very, very skilled person. I am sure you will end up developing a great professional life for yourself. The next time I am headed to the Adirondack's, be assured, I will check to see if you are available.” – Adirondack one-on-one workshop client, from Texas


You are just the most amazingly talented person EVER and we love being able to call you our friend!!” – Print customer from AuSable, Adirondacks, collecting 8 pieces


Thanks so much for sharing the new photo from atop Speculator Mtn. It's gorgeous. You have an amazing capacity for capturing the beauty of God's creation. Like nothing I've ever seen! It's truly my pleasure to share your work with others that I come in contact with who also love the Adirondacks. Once they see your online gallery, they know I'm not exaggerating!” - Print customer from New Jersey, who has referred 5 others


It was worth the wait!! I absolutely love it. Thank you so much.” – Print customer from Wilmington, Adirondacks


I bought your 5' long view of the high peaks from Noonmark last August at the show in Keene Valley! I gave it to my son, and every morning he and his wife awake to it and fantasize about being there instead of the city. Stick to your dreams, stay safe, and keep clicking. You have talent dripping from your fingers and a vision to share with all the world.” – Print customer from Ithaca, NY


Great all around tour of Iceland with many hidden gems. Both leaders very professional and always in positive attitude. Hands-on tips on the locations big plus. And I couldn't imagine a better group for such an intense photo tour. I'd just like to say thanks for great experience. This was definitely the best long photo tour we took part in. Makes me want to visit Iceland again in the winter. Keep it up, guys ;) “ – Iceland summer 2011 workshop client, from Canada


Johnathan, I was checking out all of your photographs on your gallery and I love them all!! You are great!! We are so pleased we purchased a piece of yours! If you ever need a referral, I would be happy to give one.” – Print customer from Keene Valley, Adirondacks


It was a real pleasure spending the time with you on our photo expedition. I really took a lot away from the trip and I appreciated the time [going over digital editing].” – Adirondack one-one-one workshop client, from New Jersey


Your Whiteface card set is a hit. We are sold out! Would it be possible to drop off another [set]?” – Lake Placid gift store


I was so lucky to find this tour on the Internet. I was glad to be part of it. And yes I would do it again and I would do exactly the same again guys. Thanks a lot for the trip, your help and everything else.” – Iceland summer 2011 workshop client, from Germany   


I did see you at CBA [art/craft show] and was very impressed with your work – obviously!... You do beautiful work and should be very proud of your talent. Can't wait to see the picture mounted!”  –  print customer from Colonie, NY

"I won with one of the Iceland photographs... 
made on your photo tour... the 3rd prize of a photo competition in the Scandinavic magazine NORR ;-)   – Iceland summer 2011 workshop client, from Germany