Aurora Borealis display with the Milky Way arching over Whiteface Mt, October 2021

Aurora Borealis over Whiteface Mountain, Adirondack Park, and the Milky Way arching overhead during a solar storm in mid October 2021. This 240 x 120 degree panorama is one of those intensive challenging edits that took 9 hours of editing work, involving 2 rows of 7 images each, with the bottom row shot as 120 second bulb mode exposures for brighter foreground which then is super challenging to blend against the 25 second exposure sky shots (because the stars and aurora moving don't allow time for exposure bracketed sequences to match the foreground time exposures), with another layer of the best auroras layered in taken just after the panoramic sequence, and of course lots of fine blending of countless subtle tonal and matching mis-matches of the 15 layer, 1 GB panorama. Ultimately, this fine level of editing allows for a huge file size that can be printed up to a 72"x36" image size with good sharp quality.

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