Buck Mt view over Lake George

Lake George Wild Forest, Adirondacks

A unique view from the top of a fur tree on Buck Mt.'s summit. From the summit rocks, one cannot view both the northern and southern ends of Lake George simultaneously. This photo is a composite of over 20 individual shots - all shot handheld, with one hand, while hanging onto a swaying treetop in waning light. The sky portion of the photograph is made from a row of photos stitched together, that were exposed for the brighter sky, taken about 10 minutes after the sequence of shots for the land, which were exposed more to retain detail in the dark pines. The final result is this amazing high dynamic range, flawlessly stitched panorama, that is over 21,600 pixels wide by 8,700 pixels high (188 MP equivalent), large enough to print with photographic print quality up to 65"x144" (5.5 ft x 12"). The astounding colors of the sunset are natural, not computer-generated, and result from using multiple exposure bracketing HDR techniques. This is a limited edition of 60 prints.