Guide to the Skyline Series of Booklets

featuring Blue Mt., Snowy Mt., Goodnow Mt., and Bald Mt.

A small geographic reference book to take with you on your hike(s) up popular Adirondack mountains with views, to help you identify the mountains and lakes you can see. Each 4"x9" spiral booklet features 16 directional photos for full 360 degree view coverage from a single mountain, with the clear photos overlayed with labels naming every lake and mountain.  A nice book for those of use who say, "Which mountain is that I see over there?"  Price is $10 / booklet plus shipping.  Currently there are booklets for Blue Mountian (Blue Mountain Lake area), Snowy Mountain (Indian Lake area), and upcoming soon Goodnow Mountain (Newcomb area) and Bald Mountain (Old Forge area). Please Note: This series of booklets are offered for sale by another third-party website, not Wildernesscapes Photography. Please Click Here to go to this external website.